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IT consulting

we can help you create or build-up your project  though independent consulting and analysis, give you the opportunity to estimate your risks, design and implement your solution



we implement bold ideas - developing fine web-solutions and complex databases; unordinary approach to realization of unique systems based on Java/Python, databases on PostgreSQL/MySQL using Linux/Unix platforms




GWT-PF product

GWT-PF - framework for developing rich user web-interfaces for database solutions

Pleso netNews product

Pleso netNews - solution for online media


Youth organization media euromixbug.org


Main features:

  • multiple content types (categorization, rich-text FCKEditor integration, RSS/Atom export, image processing automation)
  • gallery
  • polls
  • multilanguage content
  • user content generation with premoderation
  • commenting
  • banners management
  • site search
  • own static pages
  • user friendly URL's (e.g. http://site.com/publication/2007/12/06/new-engine-release/)
  • multiuser administrative panel with role-based access control



Python, Django, MySQL, Flash.


Developing period:

01.09.2008 - 01.11.2008


Main page:

Euromixbug - main page