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IT consulting

we can help you create or build-up your project  though independent consulting and analysis, give you the opportunity to estimate your risks, design and implement your solution



we implement bold ideas - developing fine web-solutions and complex databases; unordinary approach to realization of unique systems based on Java/Python, databases on PostgreSQL/MySQL using Linux/Unix platforms




GWT-PF product

GWT-PF - framework for developing rich user web-interfaces for database solutions

Pleso netNews product

Pleso netNews - solution for online media


Database and control panel for an insurance company - "ProCo Centre" project



Web-solution for controlling work flow of a company that insures financial operation risks. Solution is based on two main components: database and user panel. User panel represents multiuser rich-web interface software for the company employees who use single database. Particular attention was paid to security, information protection and role-based access control. System allows users to manage data on customers, suppliers and their contracts. System's business logic is integrated into a database; it automatically calculates operation parameters.  Also system offers mechanisms for importing and exporting documents with a template.


Main features:

  • complicated project server business-logic
  • single server for accounting suppliers, customers, contracts and financial operations
  • import of payment operations from CSV and parsing them into relational data
  • export of payment documents into PDF and sending them by e-mail
  • uploading large files and documents and attaching them to individual records
  • interaction with banking system; executing operations through the bank
  • multiuser panel with interface design requested by the customer. Implemented as a web application based on Google Web Toolkit and GWT Pleso Framework
  • high security level with low-level rights restriction
  • complex visual forms and components (suggestive comboboxes, wizards, multi-checkboxes and other)



PostgreSQL, Java (Tomcat), GWT


Development period:

01.10.2007 - 01.03.2008


Edit form in user panel:

ProCo customer form


View form:

ProCo payment grid


Import correction form:

ProCo import correction