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IT consulting

we can help you create or build-up your project  though independent consulting and analysis, give you the opportunity to estimate your risks, design and implement your solution



we implement bold ideas - developing fine web-solutions and complex databases; unordinary approach to realization of unique systems based on Java/Python, databases on PostgreSQL/MySQL using Linux/Unix platforms




GWT-PF product

GWT-PF - framework for developing rich user web-interfaces for database solutions

Pleso netNews product

Pleso netNews - solution for online media


Developmentweb 2.0

The main activity of pleso.net team is developing web solutions and complex databases. Most of our projects can be classified as:

  • web-sites - news portals, presentation sites, customized content solution with dynamic web2.0 elements
  • business applications based on relational databases with integrated business-logic and user web-interfaces for them; developing additional server elements- technical and client services, monitoring systems
  • non-relational databases for working with weakly structured, dynamic data (semantic databases), creating unique web2.0 interfaces for working with data

We provide products' source code with documentation for our customers



java logopython logoThe key technologies we are using in developing process:

  • languages: Java and Python, scripting - for server tasks
  • web frameworks: Django (for content solutions), GWT (for building web2.0 solutions)
  • relational databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • web servers and application servers: Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, Tomcat
  • server platforms: Linux/Unix, most used - Debian GNU/Linux
  • own developed products: GWT Pleso Framework - allows building web interfaces for relational databases (LGPL license)

We implement solutions based on free and open software. This approach:

  • frees customer from significant payments for commercial products (server OS, databases, libraries and services)
  • gives an opportunity to get software updates quickly and for free
  • ensures independence from an individual supplier


Instruments and developing processeclipse logosubversion logo

We use tailored interactive development process with already tested instruments:

  • Subversion for project source control
  • Trac with additioanl add-ons as process managment tool. Specifically it allows to track process by separate task and provide time management
  • Eclipse with add-ons as development environment (IDE)
  • ArgoUML, Umbrello for UML modeling