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IT consulting

we can help you create or build-up your project  though independent consulting and analysis, give you the opportunity to estimate your risks, design and implement your solution



we implement bold ideas - developing fine web-solutions and complex databases; unordinary approach to realization of unique systems based on Java/Python, databases on PostgreSQL/MySQL using Linux/Unix platforms




GWT-PF product

GWT-PF - framework for developing rich user web-interfaces for database solutions

Pleso netNews product

Pleso netNews - solution for online media


Pleso netNews solution


pleso netNews solutionAbout

Pleso NetNews is an web-site engine, designed and developed for online-media sites with high attendance. Developed since August 2006, in production since December 2006. Well-tested, easy to support and customize.


Commercial. All components, that are used for developing, are under public licenses.


  • Programming language: Python
  • Operating System : OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language)
  • Framework used: Django - high-level Python Web framework
  • Supported databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle

Other sites based on the same technology

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Sites on Pleso NetNews engine

Rupor.info - Top-20 Ukrainian news portal. Front-end site design given by customer.

  • 13,000 unique visitors per day (hosts), 33,000 pages generated per day (hits)
  • public counter: top.bigmir.net
  • server configuration:
    • hardware: Intel Pentium D 3Ghz, RAM: 1Gb, HD: 2x160Gbm, software-RAID level 1 (mirror)
    • operation system: Linux Debian 4.0
    • split into 2 virtual machines (openvz)
    • additionally on the server - ads management software, site forum, minor sites and applications.

Features and components

  • General:
    • flexible template system; integration with any design solution
    • internationalization support
    • cache system (memory, database, file system)
    • native user-friendly URLs support (like '/publication/2007/12/06/new-engine-release/')
    • Sitemap Protocol support for better indexing by search engines
    • multi-user administrative interface with distribution of access rights (groups, add/change/delete rights over each component)
    • FCKEditor - rich-text editor for administrative interface. Build-in images, files and flash upload and management
    • site errors are reported to administrators by emails - no output to the visitor
  • Components:
    • publications (news and articles) component:
      • categorization
      • keywords (tags)
      • RSS/Atom export
      • custom RSS(XML) export templates (for external aggregations with customized file format and internal fields)
      • publication images automatic crop and resize
    • AJAX-based comments component for any publication or page with anti-spam protection (captcha), available for moderation through administrative interface or site-front end to login-in users
    • AJAX-based polls component
    • banners management
    • search component
    • web-conference component
    • mail-list component
    • mail form component (contacts page)
    • static pages component - to create general information pages (about, etc)
    • publications top component (build according publication date and views counter)
    • "quote of the day" component