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Team-stream - time tracking tool for project management

Posted by Oleksandr Pryymak - 09.12.2009, 21:48
Tags:      django, management

We released team-stream open source. It is a small, but very useful tool that we have been using for more than a year. You can download it from team-stream page on google code.

Team-Stream is a simple time tracking system designed for software developers team. It covers essential need - to answer a question: "who is/was doing what?". Team-Stream tracks time, that developer have spent on the project, builds reports.




  • multi-user interface allows many people to work with
  • multi-project
  • minimalistic interface:
    • start tracking a new activity by entering its title and pressing Enter
    • continue existing activity by clicking on it
    • cancel wrong activity
    • shortcuts to the django-admin interface to edit if some tune up is required
  • saved activities are grouped by the title
  • auto-highlight trac tickets and resolve it to a link. Example: #125 will became a link pointing to "http://example.com/trac/ticket/125"
  • the list of all activities for the last few days in chronological order
  • time validation — nobody can work on two activities simultaneously neither in future.
  • minimalistic TODO functionality with optional feature to plan activity for some date
  • short day-review report build into activities timeline
  • separate html reports:
    • by time period
    • by selected project

Future plans

  • with respect to user's time-zone
  • specific user roles to limit access in django admin and to only selected projects
  • a plugin for Firefox for submitting tasks
  • make a tidy design. (yeah, we just get used to the current)




Main view


Sample report

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